Rater Introduces new Photoelectric Level Sensor

Rater Enterprise today introduced a new photoelectric level sensor used for measuring liquids in semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food and beverage manufacturing processes. The primary uses for the level sensors are to monitor levels of liquids and to serve as a safety measure in preventing potential leaks of hazardous and expensive liquids.

The new level sensor, named TK-010N2, has the same features and benefits as previous Rater sensor models, but is now offered in a new, reduced footprint of 1.1” x 1.97” x 1.0”. Its new design enables easy mounting directly onto any transparent or semi-transparent tubing measuring 0.25” to 1” in diameter. The sensor is mounted outside of the flow path, which eliminates risk of contamination and, in turn, reduces downtime and costs associated with maintenance.

Rater’s level sensors are perfect for monitoring operations in fluid handling and process equipment, regardless of color or viscosity. The sensors can monitor multiple levels in baths, tanks, and drums, and can be used with highly corrosive fluids.

The new model TK-010N2 is a direct replacement for Rater’s previous models TK-010P, TK-010P-S1, and TK-020P.