MultiFlo Technology
MultiFlo is a revolutionary technology used in all digital Unit mass flow controllers (MFCs). MultiFlo enables users to reconfigure an MFCs to a gas and range of choice, anywhere, anytime using a bundled software package. MFCs with MultiFlo come in nine standard configurations, covering 85% of the gases and ranges used in a typical production fab. Some of the amazing benefits that MultiFlo provides are:

> Enables MFC replacement in only a few minutes
> Nine standard MFC part numbers cover 85% of all applications in a fab
> Enables on-site gas and range changes with no surrogate gas requirements
> Dramatically reduces inventory requirements
> Increases tool uptime

MFC with MultiFlo is configurable for multiple gases and flow rates

Digital MFCs with MultiFlo are drop-in replacements for analog and digital MFCs. Several thousand Unit MFCs with MultiFlo are successfully operating in fabs today.

Unit MFCs with MultiFlo come in the following standard configurations (SC):
In N2 equivalent flows

SC10: 3 to 10 sccm
SC11: 10 to 30 sccm
SC12: 30 to 90 sccm
SC13: 90 to 250 sccm
SC14: 250 to 750 sccm
SC15: 750 to 2000 sccm
SC16: 2000 to 6000 sccm
SC17: 6000 to 15000 sccm

FloGuard Technology
Flow changes in gas panels commonly cause pressure surges that create flow instability of up to 100% of flow in conventional MFCs. The results are flow faults, commonly referred to as cross-talk between chambers. Pressure surges, which are difficult to diagnose, create downtime and sometimes replacement of perfectly good components, for no good reason.

FloGuard MFCs maintain flawless flow control and output stability, even during pressure surges typically found in gas systems. It is easy to see how FloGuard MFCs offer a clear advantage over conventional MFCs.

Portion of conventional gas stick eliminated with FloGuard

Gas sticks typically incorporate a pressure regulator upstream of the MFC to protect the MFC from pressure surges. The proven performance of FloGuard MFCs eliminates the need for the upstream pressure regulator and other auxiliary components made necessary by the pressure regulator, such as the filter and the pressure transducer. Using FloGuard MFCs results in significant cost savings and size reduction.

SDS (Safe Delivery Source) Technology
The lower the pressure at which a mass flow controller can control SDS dopant gas flow, the more dopant can be extracted from the SDS cylinder. Most of the dopant from a SDS cylinder is extracted at pressures below 100 torr. Unit MFCs with SDS technology provide superior flow control to 8 torr and below, extract up to 60% more dopant. With Unit SDS MFCs, cylinder change-outs are reduced by up to 90%.

Specified by all ion implanter OEMs and qualified on high density plasma chemical vapor deposition (HDP-CVD) systems, Unit SDS MFCs offer valuable savings. Payback for converting to Unit SDS MFCs often takes just a few months.

A mass flow device is only as good as its mass flow sensor. Our IsoSensor incorporated in all Unit MFCs, is designed using sophisticated modeling techniques to maximize output and minimize noise. Stringent environmental testing has been employed to improve durability. The result is a high output, high stability sensor with superior accuracy and reliability.

DeviceNet Technology
Our manufacturing facility has been a pioneer in developing a full DeviceNet MFC (no adapter, no box on top of the MFC) in the smallest package. Unit DeviceNet MFCs are fully digital devices with all the features of MultiFlo MFCs. Our manufacturing facility continues to invest significant engineering resources to keep up with the development of DeviceNet through the ODVA organization and keeps up to stay compliant with ODVA. DeviceNet MFCs are expected to become mainstream with 300mm platforms where advanced automation and diagnostics will require digital communication. 

DeviceNet is a low-cost communication link to connect devices to a network and eliminate expensive hard wiring. The direct connectivity provides improved communication between devices as well as important device-level diagnostics not easily accessible or available through hardwired I/O interfaces. DeviceNet is a simple networking solution that reduces the cost and time to wire and install automation devices while providing interchangeability of "like" components from multiple vendors. DeviceNet is an open network standard and the specifications are maintained by the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc. (ODVA).