Rater offers two standard designs of modular substrate blocks:
IGS a 1.5" block design
K1S a 1.125" block design

Rater also provides turnkey design and build-to-specs services for modular technology of choice by customer.

IGS (Integrated Gas System)

IGS is a modular technology using single-position blocks to mount the active components for process tool gas systems and facility-wide gas distribution systems (VMBs and GIBs). With only 14 standard stainless steel machined IGS blocks of three basic types (substrate, manifold, and end-cap/bridge), any gas system configuration can be built using surface mount components.

IGS meets or exceeds the performance of conventional gas systems such as critical standards for moisture challenge, oxygen contribution, shock, vibration, stress, and sealing. IGS wetted surface area is reduced by 35-40%, resulting in faster dry-down.

IGS uses the popular SEMI PR 3.1 compliant C-seal interface between the substrate blocks and the surface-mount components.


K1S is a next generation design of modular gas systems using a 1.125" component footprint, reducing overall gas system footprint by 50% compared to first generation modular systems. This allows for enhanced flexibility in the design of 300mm tools. K1S systems are also 30% lighter than conventional systems.

K1S uses a snap-and-bolt tongue-and-groove approach that eliminates the need for special tooling for assembly. Components stradle 2 blocks, eliminating block-to-block seals and reducing the number of fasteners.

K1S is extremely robust and maintains leak integrity above 75G in shock tests. K1S has been designed for high volume manufacturing and its acquisition cost is lower than conventional systems by 5-15%, depending on volume. K1S is qualified on numerous 300mm tools.